ATOMOS Ultrasync One Bundle 3 units


725.00 870.00 (incl. VAT)

UltraSync ONE introduces a whole new level of portability, versatility and control to wireless synchronisation. It’s super compact, lightweight, features an OLED display and is easy and cost-effective to use as part of a whole range of multicamera workflows, offering a robust sync solution whether you’re using film cameras or DSLRs, shooting in standard format or 360-degree VR.

Configure UltraSync ONE as a timecode master or timecode slave. Or alternatively jam to house timecode or an OB truck. The UltraSync experience is just as amazing whether you’re using DSLRs out on location, professional cameras in a studio, or on cameras configured for 360-degree filming in a VR rig. The robustness of our solution regardless of the set-up is down to using uncongested sub GHz frequency bands for a completely reliable synchronisation up to 200m.