DEITY V-MIC D3 on-camera microphone


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The V-Mic D3 is everything you need in an on camera microphone. It’s super cardioid pickup pattern makes it the perfect tool to pickup audio from the camera perspective, really adding an extra layer of audio to your video edit. On-Camera microphones are more than just a way of getting better reference audio for sync, the V-Mic D3 allows you to get accurate quality audio for your B-Roll or Vlog. And for on the fly quick interviews the V-Mic D3 is able to grab the sound from someone talking to the camera.

Vlogging has never been so easy. The V-Mic D3 works with nearly any camera or recorder you plug it into without the need for extra adapters. It is as simple as plug and play can get. Whether you are doing Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, need B-Roll for your wedding film, or need a scratch mic for your camera; the V-Mic D3 is the microphone for you.

The V-Mic D3 is the workhorse on-camera microphone you’ve always wanted. Built with a lightweight unibody aluminium metal chassis it offers you the strength to stand up to the same elements your camera can handle.

Broadcast Quality Sound: The V-Mic D3 has a superior off-axis sound performance compared to some of the other on-camera microphones on the market at this price range. Combine that with its low self-noise, low distortion, and this microphone will make you want to use your camera’s audio in the final mix of your video.

Featuring Our Smart 3.5mm Microphone Output: As soon as you plug the V-Mic D3 into a 3.5mm microphone jack of a device, its microprocessor shakes hands with the device. This means carrying much fewer adapter cables.

Swappable AAA Battery: The V-Mic D3 uses a single AAA for power. It also features a one button on/off switch. When turned on the microphone is ready in Stand-By-Mode and automatically goes into Run-Mode when the camera or device turns on. This also allows you to save battery on your microphone when you turn your camera off.


  • Super-cardioid polar pattern
  • Durable rugged metal construction design
  • Super lightweight Run-and-Gun read
  • Powered by a single AAA battery
  • Out-of-the-box compatibility with Cameras, Recorders, Smartphones, Laptop, Tablets
  • User-friendly low-battery alert indication
  • Bundled with our exclusive Deity/Rycote adjustable cold-shoe mount

Included in the box:

  • Deity V-Mic D3 Microphone
  • Rycote Adjustable Cold-Shoe Shock Mount
  • Deity Smart TRRS to TRRS Coiled Cable
  • Foam Wind Screen
  • 1x AAA Battery
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