LEXAR JumpDrive Fingerprint (USB 3.0)



  • Up to 10 fingerprint IDs allowed
  • Ultra-fast recognition – less than 1 second
  • Easy set-up, no software driver needed
  • Securely protects files using 256-bit AES encryption
  • Reading speed: 150 
  • Writing speed: 60
  • Dimensions: 20,50mm x 64,38mm x 7,80mm
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Get an extra layer of security for your highly confidential documents using fingerprint authentication with the Lexar JumpDrive F35 USB 3.0.

The Lexar JumpDrive F35 protects your data against unauthorized access attempts and can save up to 10 fingerprint IDs, making sure only you and your closest collaborators have access to your files.

Ultra Fast Access
Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner. When you see the light flash, you can start to transfer your file.

Easy Set-Up
The setup for this drive is a breeze. Simply plug in your drive and use the application to set up passwords, enroll fingerprints and manage users.

Securely protect your files
In addition to fingerprint authentication, the JumpDrive F35 also features 256-bit AES encryption that provides extremely good protection for your sensitive documents and files.