MAGEWELL Ultra Encode HDMI – 53040


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The Magewell Ultra Encode HDMI supports high-quality H.264, H.265 (HEVC), encoding. Stream Full HD video simultaneously to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other streaming platforms. This device supports also other streaming protocols such as SRT, NDI|HX, HLS, RTMP, and RTMPS with wired or wireless network connectivity.

HDMI input support for up to 4096×2160 4:4:4/4:2:2 30fps or 4096×2160 4:2:0 60fps input and loop through signals.

Ultra Encode can be combined with our Pro Convert decoders to form flexible AV over IP infrastructures leveraging NDI®|HX and SRT technology. The devices can be configured and controlled through an intuitive Web GUI or HTTP-based APIs, providing systems integrators with exceptional deployment and integration flexibility.

A Flexible & Affordable Universal Encoder:
– Live H.264/H.265 streaming
– Supports streaming protocols including SRT, NDI|HX, HLS & more
– Suitable for various network environment

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