SMALLRIG 3848 Hand Strap Black Mamba


26.58 32.43 (incl. VAT)

Protects camera from accidental drops and designed to improve shooting stability and safety. Adjustable elasticity to fit most wrist sizes. It does not block top buttons of camera after installation and features breathable, sweat-absorbent microfiber lining and soft foam cushion to fit the back of hand in providing better shooting experience.

The quick-release hand strap comes with a “Black Mamba”-style snap which allows for quick adjustment of tightness to ensure security.


  1. This product shall work with cage, side handle, L-bracket, bottom plate with a strap hole
  2. This product does not include baseplate

Compatibility: SmallRig cages, side handles, L-brackets, baseplates with strap hole larger than Φ10mm

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