YOLOLIV Instream, All-In-One, Multicam, Vertical Live Streaming Encoder & Monitor


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Instream is the most portable, all-in-one and super easy to use streaming device to live stream vertical videos to Instagram and TikTok with Multi-Cam, Graphic Overlays, Picture in Picture, Chroma Key.

With native integration with Instagram & TikTok, Instream aims to help videographers, creators, influencers, story-tellers create better and more engaging content with the professional features.

The Instream is a 600g weight and 7-inch touchscreen display, featuring 2 HDMI inputs, 1 HDMI output, 1 USB-A input. The Instream supports input resolutions of 480/720p/1080p/60 at your choice, using the H.264 codec.

With HDMI output, you can display your stream locally on an HDMI device. It also has a line-level audio input, and a separate headphone audio out. You can record your stream directly in the .mp4 format to an optional SD card, up to 128 GB in size, using the built-in SD card slot. The line-in allows you to connect with the synthesizer and mic-in can be connected to the microphone for recording.

Included in the box:

  • 1 Instream
  • 1 USB Charge Cable
  • 1 Hotshoe Mount
  • 1 Instream User Manual
  • 1 SIM Card Eject Pin
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Touchscreen Control

The YoloBox Mini provides you with a touchscreen interface for easy streaming and control.


The device works as a switcher, with a variety of picture-in-picture templates as well as graphic layers. It has a built-in encoder that allows for live streaming, and it can record to optional SD cards.


You can brand your live stream by adding logos/watermarks/rolling captions Customized PiP options, allow you to bring a unique look and feel to your stream Engage with your audience in real time via feature comment overlays Built-in lower-thirds & animated countdown templates can be edited or you can add your own.


You can connect to the internet using the integrated RJ45 (Ethernet) port, Wi-Fi, and via cell service using an optional SIM card.

Use Only as a Monitor & Recorder

Utilize the device even when you are not live streaming. Record, switch, add overlays and transitions to level up your video production efficiency.

Streaming Platforms

Major streaming platforms such as Instagram & TikTok are directly integrated, you can simply login your social account and stream.

SD Card Input

Roll in pre-recorded videos for intro, countdown, B-rolls, or special segments from an SD media card.

Battery Life

The internal battery can power your Instream for approximately 2 hours. The Instream charges via the USB-C connection, which is used for power only.