Cable drum Schill GT380.RM


99.00 118.80 (KM-ga)

cable drum made of speciality rubber
with auxiliary spool with velcro strap
with hole in the core 50mm
suitable to equip with pneumatic tubes,
water hose, high pressure hoses, ropes,
control and speciality cables
WEIGHT 4.30 kg

Tootekood: GT 380.RM-KERNLOCH 50-KLETTBAN Kategooriad: ,



THE RIGHT CABLE REEL FOR YOUR SUCCESS! WELCOME TO SCHILL! Where one is working with cables, wires or pipes, cable drums are nearby. Our cable drums are the solution for many different demands, to make work in the household, handicraft, in the industry, with television and radio broadcasters or also at events substantially easy. A high standard of competency, many years of know-how and a great deal of flair towards innovative solutions are the foundation for our intelligent cable reel systems. The market presence, the high quality standards via a quality management system as per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 provide our customers with additional safety. VISIT HOME PAGE