DEITY W.Lav Micro rinnamikrofon



3mm Sub-Miniature Size
Our latest lavalier, the W.Lav Micro, is designed to be an incredibly easy microphone to hide. Now that 4K shooting is the norm, and 6/8K cameras are on on the verge of being mainstream, being able to hide a lavalier from all those peeping pixels is more important than ever before.

Ultra-Thin, Durable Cabling
Even though the W.Lav Micro cable is a mere 1.2mm thick, it withstands 43 foot-pounds of tension before snapping! This is achieved by weaving synthetic polymers inside the silicone jacket. The silicone jacket also helps prevent cable noise from being transmitted to the mic.

Ready for Digital Wireless
With new digital wireless systems, RF interference is an issue that will affect lavaliers. We added extra shielding inside the cable of the W.Lav Micro to help protect against digitally modulated RF signals that could cause you issues on your next shoot.

Works with Popular Accessories
The W.Lav Micro is compatible with a number of lavalier accessories widely available on the market. We worked with industry leading accessory makers to make sure users could have piece of mind knowing their mic would work with their favorite lavalier hiding tools.

Color: black or beige
Sound Field: Mono
Frequency Response: 50Hz – 20KHz
Polar Pattern: Pre-Polarized Condenser
Capsule Type: Omni
Sensitivity: -38±2dB re 1 V/Pa @ 1kHz
Maximum SPL: 110dB SPL
Dynamic Range: 83dB typical
Mic Head Size: 3mm*10mm
Cable Length: 1.8m
Cable Strength: 43 foot-pounds
Connect Type: Microdot

Modular Connectors
The W.Lav Micro terminates in a microdot connector that is compatible with several dozen wireless systems after attaching our microdot adapters.

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