DZOFILM Tango 18-90mm T2.9 for PL/EF Mount


7 899.00 9 478.80 (KM-ga)


  • Covers a focal range from 18mm to 90mm
  • Zoom ratio of 5x for multiple shooting scenarios
  • Interchangeable PL and EF mount
  • Combineable with Movcam Servo Unit
  • Minimal Focus-Breathing and Parfocal Design


  • Focal Length: 18-90mm
  • Mount: PL/EF
  • Aperture: T2.9-22
  • Color: Black
  • Image Circle: 31.5mm (S35)
  • Optical Construction: 24 elements, 17 groups
  • Iris Blade: 16
  • Flange Distance: 52mm (PL), 44mm (EF)
  • Close Focus: 0,7m
  • Zoom Ratio: 5x
  • Iris Control: Manual (rotation angle 74,1°)
  • Focus Control: Manual (rotation angle 270°)
  • Zoom Control: Manual (rotation angle 100°)
  • Front Diameter: 114mm
  • Filter Size: M105
  • Gear Pitch: 0.8 Mod
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Length: 249,1mm (PL); 256,4mm (EF)
  • Weight: 3539g
Tootekood: DZO-T189029M Kategooria:


Versatile Coverage, Unlimited Perspective

The Tango series offers an impressive range of focal lengths, from wide-angle to telephoto, allowing filmmakers to capture everything from sweeping landscapes to intimate close-ups with stunning details. With focal lengths spanning from 18mm to 280mm, the Tango lineup provides filmmakers with versatility and endless creative possibilities. The 18-90mm lens has a consistent T2.9 aperture throughout its 5x zoom range.

Aesthetic Bokeh, Captivating Visual
With a 16-blade aperture diaphragm, the Tango Zoom series produces smooth and alluring bokeh, drawing viewers into a world of visual storytelling. Its exceptional color rendition brings lifelike skin tones to the screen, making it perfect for fashion projects, documentary and sports. Capturing delicate facial details with exquisite precision, these lenses excel at mesmerizing close-ups that leave a lasting impression.

Cinematic Immersion with Artistic Colors
The Tango zoom series features advanced optical design to effectively correct chromatic aberrations, resulting in optimal image quality and color reproduction. The entire lineup maintains a high level of color consistency, along with outstanding distortion control and imperceptible breathing effects, ensuring an immersive visual experience with unrivaled brilliance.

Intuitive Ergonomics, Unparalleled Precision
Seamless Integration with MOVCAM Servo Unit (Optional)
The Tango Zoom series offers the ultimate combination of cinema-grade optics and ENG-style functionality. With optional servo compatibility, these lenses can be seamlessly integrated with ENG cameras, enabling remote control of focus, iris and zoom settings. Unlocking new possibilities for broadcasting, large-scale events, and versatile shooting scenarios, they cater to experienced cinematographers seeking professional-grade performance.

Fluorescent Markings for Practical Operation
Thoughtfully designed to accommodate the demands of low-light shooting, all focus ring, zoom ring, and aperture ring markings are coated with luminous paint. This ingenious integration enhances clarity, empowering focus pullers and camera operators to effortlessly discern crucial details above the lens, elevating on-set efficiency.

Duel-side Imperial or Metric Scales