EDELKRONE two-axis pan-and-tilt motion-control head HeadPLUS


1 699.00 2 038.80 (KM-ga)

Motorized Pan & Tilt Head with optional Focus Add-on. Includes smart object tracking with auto focusing + wireless connectivity with edelkrone motorized Sliders and Dollies.


  • Completely new mechanical design with backlash free gears.
  • Requires no tuning or optimization wizards.
  • Much better performance for multi-target shots.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Smoother manual operation.
  • Improved Carrying Capacity.
  • Works as a stand-alone pan&tilt head.
  • Compatible with V-Mount, Gold Mount and NP-F Batteries.
  • Laser Module compatible (instant target learning).
  • Built-in Wifi module for future updates.
  • LANC port for better remote camera management.
  • Unfolding Design, fits better in bags.
  • Centered Camera Weight (Better performance for indoor 360º photography. Easier to stabilize on small stands).
  • Wirelessly connects to edelkrone Sliders and Dollies.

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