MEDIAGEAR MG320 4G/LTE/GSM lauatelefon, WiFi hotspot


80.00 96.00 (KM-ga)

LTE GSM fixed wireless phone has good signal and clear voice.  It uses 4G or 3G sim card. 4G wireless phone supports Wifi. Users can access Internet by telephone WIFI hotspot.  Up to 10 WIFI users in 4G version.

WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
FM radio
Support high quality voice (speech encoding FR, EFR, HR, AMR);
Support emergency call, redial, speed dial;
Call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, conference call;
Single SIM card;
Large phone book: store 300PCS telephone numbers;
DTMF dialing;
Ring and voice volume adjustable;
Chord ring tone optional;
128 x 64 dot matrix LCD display with backlight; LCD display date, time, signal strength and battery volume status icons;
Support save, check, delete and call back incoming, outgoing and missed calls;
WCDMA integrated or TNC antenna.optional;
Rechargeable back up lithium battery.optional;
SIM card interface: standard 6 PIN SIM card interface;
Lock card, lock the national call, lock phone;
Default IP function optional;
Internet Data Services: Support for HSDPA; Connect the PC through the Mini USB port or connect the WIFI-enabled device through the WIFI hotspot;
Software upgrade socket: MINI USB.

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