NANLITE kahe LED paneeli komplekt 1200CSA koos kandekoti ja statiividega


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2 light kit with 2 x Nanlite 1200CSA Bicolor LED Panels, 2 x Nanlite LS-186 Light Stands and Carrying Bag.




  • Color Temperature: 3200 – 5600K
  • Lighting Fidelity: CRI 95, TLCI 93
  • Lumens: 4536 (at 5600K)
  • Increase Intensity: 0 – 100%
  • Photometry: 5600K: 118.7 fc / 1278 Lux at 6.56′ / 2 m
  • Amount of LEDs: 1200


  • Battery Board: 1 x V-Mount

Power supply

  • AC: 100 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
  • DC: 16 VDC
  • Consumption: 86 W


  • Mount: 5/8″ (receiver)
  • Screen: Yes
  • Fan: Quiet
  • Dimensions: 47.0 x 38.1 x 8.6 cm
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1200CSA Bicolor LED Panel

Perfect for budget minded shooters and anyone just getting started with constant lights, the Nanlite SA Series LED panels combine lightweight ABS housings with impressive brightness to make a fixture perfect for live streaming, vlogging, photography lighting, video lighting, interview setups and more.

The 1200CSA employs a 1200 high output LED module to produce up to 4536 lumens of light (5015 Lux @ 1m 5600K) while maintaining a high CRI/TLCI of 95/93, ensuring accurate color rendition.

The rear facing controls enable you to dial in brightness from 0-100% and temperature from warm to cold (3200K-5600K). Plus with the included barn doors, the 1200CSA’s output can be quickly shaped and adjusted.

SA Series LED Panels are at home both in the studio and on location. Choose from multiple power options including the ac adapter or compatible V-mount batteries (sold separately).

Supplied with a standard 5/8″ receiver mount, the 1200CSA can be mounted directly on any standard light stand. Also, thanks to their silent, fan-less, passive cooling SA Series LED Panels are at home in even the most sound-sensitive situations.

LS-186 Light Stand

The NANLITE LS-186 light stand is a compact black anodized aluminum stand suitable for location and studio work. The unique design means it rises to a height of 186cm and folds down to only 49cm. It has a 5/8″ stud top with a 1/4″-20 receiver, additional telecopic legs allow for the extra height possible.

  • Height Adjustable: 50-180cm
  • The radius of the legs is 70 cm
  • Maximum load at full height is 4 kg
  • Weight 1 kg

Carrying bag for SA

The Nanlite CN-T2 carry case is ideal for storing and carrying a pair of FS series lights or SA light panels + accessories.
Outside dimensions (WxHxD): approx. 61 x 49 x 24cm
Inside dimensions of main compartment (WxHxD): approx. 58 x 38 x 21cm