The company is based in Beijing, China and managed by professionals with a lot experience in the broadcasting and professional video industry. Camgear Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera support equipment and video and photo accessories for video, broadcasting and film industry and the professional photographic as well. The product lines include an extensive range of camera fluid heads and tripods, lighting equipment and other accessories for cameras.

We boast a wide series of professional camera support equipment for small DV to heavy studio and film camera. And we also offer quality LED lights, camera bags and lens to meet the needs of many professionals. Our aim is to offer professional level products at affordable prices with amazing quality and reliable after-sale service.

We are continuously committed to invest in the latest technology and identify the consumer trends and develop more products to help professionals in photography and video. To keep up with the market, we constantly keep hearing from our worldwide distributors on the feedback of our products, improve our proven product to higher level of performance and launch new products almost every year on the exhibition like NAB or IBC.

Thanks to the efforts of our team and worldwide partners, our products have been well-received by users from more and more countries. We are always at your service should you have any requirement.

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