Solidcom C1 now supports up to 8 headsets without the HUB

Previously the Solidcom C1 “only” supported up to 6 headsets without the hub. At the same time solutions that support 6+ headsets usually increase dramatically in price. Now Solidcom C1 is able to support up to 8 headsets thus adding value to the product. The firmware for the 8 headset support is available from this link: 

download firmware version 1.0.43



MARS 4K Wireless Video Transmission System Review from

“The Hollyland MARS 4K is well built, relatively easy to set up and use, and offers a lot of functionality and features.

Having a system that features both SDI and HDMI and the ability to wirelessly transmit UHD or HD images makes this a very versatile product.

Having the ability to wirelessly transmit and receive a UHD signal makes a big difference if you need to get critical focus.”


Mars 4K reviewed: “another product that others are going to scramble to compete with.”  from

“These are rugged little units, built for production work, I even managed to drop one onto grass from about 1.6m when it was mounted on my camera but it survived no problem.”


MARS M1 all-in-one transmitter, receiver, & monitor review from

“The Hollyland MARS M1 is a pretty decent and versatile wireless video monitor, and despite having some flaws it is a solid option that won’t break the bank.”



MARS 4K Tutorial:

MARS M1 Tutorial: