Hollyland Technology have just upgraded the monitoring application in both iOS and Android systems for their MARS 400 (S) wireless video transmission products. Go to your APP Store and upgrade your HollyView APP on your phone and tablet.

HollyView is an application with a brand-new interface developed by Hollyland Technology for the MARS series wireless video transmission systems. It makes the MARS 400 series products stand out from the rest of the industry. With the App monitoring feature on MARS series products, you can now pick up your phone and tablet to easily achieve remote real-time monitoring.

At a low-cost shooting set, 4 mobile devices plus 1 receiver, 5 video outputs in total allow the crew members of different roles such as the client, director, photography director, lighting technician, and actor to monitor the content in real-time in order to help the whole team supervise and coordinate the shoot, increase the shooting efficiency, and thus, create the best work. The ultra-low latency enables all crew members to work closely, and the 400ft transmission range allows you to shoot and monitor in every corner of the set.

Hollyland seeks more than just the ultra-low latency App monitoring feature, the App HollyView also supports:

1. Auxiliary Focus, recognizing image color and making special color focus

2. Zebra, assisting photographic exposure

3. Security Frame, providing security boxes with different scale for monitoring specific areas

4. False Color, making the video image-level more distinct

5. Loading 3D LUT. LOG monitoring has never been easier.

It also supports Waveform, Brightness Histogram, Zoom, Mono Color, and other features.

Hollyland will continue to pour investment into the development of the HollyView App, bringing more cool features that meet the needs of videographers and filmmakers.

Whatever the feature you need, Hollyland will try to bring it out.