All Purpose Tape 402, 48mm x 50m



All-Purpose Tape Type 402 consists of a heavy duty, waterproof and plastics coated fabric, which is adhesive on one side. It has a very high adhesion. Resistant against water, oil, mechanical damage and many chemical influences.

This tape can be used for any kind of application. Your solid assistant for covering work sandblasting, repairing of tubes and pipes etc., repairing of cracks and wholes in tarpaulin, awnings, sails, etc., sealing of containers to make them waterproof, to secure packaging of goods in transport.

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Technical Data
Backing: PE-coated cloth
Total thickness: 165 μ
Elongation at break: 30 %
Adhesion on steel: 8 N/cm
Tensile strength: 30 N/cm
Adhesive: synthetic rubber
Temperature resistance: up to 75° C
Core diameter: 76 mm
Length: 50 m