AMARAN Grid for Light Dome Mini SE


19.00 23.18 (KM-ga)

The amaran Light Dome Mini SE Light Control Grid is a 45o control grid designed for studio creators to eliminate light spill from the amaran Light Dome Mini SE, creating a soft yet directional light source.
Speed up your setup with the hook-and-loop Light Control Grid. Designed to quickly attach to the front of the amaran Light Dome Mini SE, the hook-and-loop strips allow for faster installation and tear down.
Bring control and precision to every shot. With a 45° beam angle, eliminate light spill and shape your soft and diffused light output into a more directional light source.


  • Black fabric 45° light control grid designed for the amaran Light Dome Mini SE softbox
  • 45° beam angle to eliminate light spill
  • Quick set-up hook-and-loop installation and tear down
  • Lightweight design (50g)
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