APUTURE Nova P600c Rain Shield


149.00 181.78 (KM-ga)

The Nova P600c Rain Shield is designed to protect the Nova P600c from inclement weather using a barrier made of high- density waterproof nylon fabric. Installation is simple and intuitive, with metal side supports that slide into the Nova P600c’s accessory slot, which the cover attaches to using durable hook-and-loop fabric. This modular design allows the Rain Shield to be stored compactly in the included carrying bag for easy transport.


  • Rain protection designed for the Nova P600c
  • High-density waterproof nylon fabric shields the fixture from rain*
  • Metal support frames add structure, rigidity, and increase ease of installation
  • Durable reusable hook-and-loop fabric that can withstand 2,000+ repeat applications
  • Modular, foldable design for easy installation
  • Carrying bag included
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