ATOMOS USB-C 3.1 adapter


59.95 71.94 (KM-ga)

The Atomos docking station supports the Master Caddy as well as the Master Caddy II and allows you to transfer all your data from your hard disk to your computer using a USB-C 3.1. The device also supports the Atomos RAID Caddy Cable.


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Atomos is a global software and hardware technology company that creates, develops and commercialises ground-breaking products for the rapidly growing content creation market. The business was founded in 2010 when it created the world’s first video monitor-recorder. That monitor-recorder converged separate existing and more expensive products and allowed users to transform the quality of the editing and production output of their video camera for a fraction of the cost than had previously been the case. Since that day Atomos, working alongside an ever-expanding ecosystem of key technology providers that include Apple, Adobe, Sony, Canon, JVC Kenwood, Nikon, FUJIFILM and Panasonic, has been part of the rapid ‘democratisation’ and expansion of high-quality and accessible video content creation. VISIT GLOBAL HOMEPAGE