ATOMOS USB-C to Serial kalibreerimiskaabel


49.00 58.80 (KM-ga)

USB-C to Serial LANC-Cable for calibrating Atomos Recorder/Monitor devices and control all Z CAM-Models via Ninja V’s Touch display.

The Atomos USB Type-C to Serial LANC Calibration Cable allows you to connect virtually any Atomos monitor or monitor/recorder to a computer for use with select calibration systems. When using the Atomos calibration software, which is provided as a free download for Windows and Mac on the Atomos website, this cable can be used with the X-Rite i1 Display Pro calibration hardware.

You can also use the cable to control all key functions for all Z CAM models by connecting the Ninja V via USB-C what allows a two-way communication for a range of controls such as record start/stop, iris, shutter speed, ISO and eND.

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Atomos is a global software and hardware technology company that creates, develops and commercialises ground-breaking products for the rapidly growing content creation market. The business was founded in 2010 when it created the world’s first video monitor-recorder. That monitor-recorder converged separate existing and more expensive products and allowed users to transform the quality of the editing and production output of their video camera for a fraction of the cost than had previously been the case. Since that day Atomos, working alongside an ever-expanding ecosystem of key technology providers that include Apple, Adobe, Sony, Canon, JVC Kenwood, Nikon, FUJIFILM and Panasonic, has been part of the rapid ‘democratisation’ and expansion of high-quality and accessible video content creation. VISIT GLOBAL HOMEPAGE