Blacktak Aluminium Tape 990, 50mm x 25m


21.80 26.60 (KM-ga)

Type 990 is made of a flexible and pliable aluminium foil which has a matt surface on both sides. Blacktak ist coated with a high heat resistent acrylic adhesive. It is heat resistant to 150° C. The tape is versatile, easy to use and it can be repositioned.

Blacktak is specially used in stage adaption for masking flare, creating shadows and for killing light spill on projectors and floodlights etc.

Color: black
Width: 50 mm
Length: 25 m
VE: 18

Tootekood: 990-50 Kategooria:


Technical Data
Backing: aluminium-foil
Total thickness: 95 μ
Carrier thickness: 50 μ
Elongation at break: 4 %
Adhesion on steel: 6,5 N/cm
Tensile strength: 45 N/cm
Adhesive: acrylic
Temperature resistance: up to 150° C
Core diameter: 76 mm
Colour: black
Length: 25 m