DEITY D-XLR XLR -> 3.5mm TRS adapter toitekonverteriga


24.00 29.28 (KM-ga)

The D-XLR can convert 12-48V Phantom Power down to 3V ‘Plug in Power’, which allows microphones with 3.5mm TRS connectors to run off Phantom Power. The D-XLR is specially designed for the Deity V-Series of microphones to trigger their Smart 3.5mm TRRS outputs with PIP from a standard XLR. At the same time, D-XLR has no adverse effect on microphones like the V-Mic D3 PRO in terms
of signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion and sensitivity like another model on the market. D-XLR uses a 3.5mm TRS standard wired input* that is gold-plated so that contacts on the plug make a better connection and does not loosen.
*Will not work with 3.5mm lavaliers wired for Sony UWP.

Compatible Microphones: A.Lav, V.Lav, V-Mic D3, V-Mic D3 Pro+, Other 3.5 Standard TS/TRS Microphones.


  • Solid Metal Body Construction
  • Rugged Plastic Belt Clip
  • Adapts 48v to 3v PIP (Plug In Power)
  • Works with standard 3.5mm microphones


  • Weight: 29.2g
  • Dimensions: 69.7mmH x 19mmW x 19mmD
  • Voltage: 12-48V Phantom
  • Bias Voltage: 3V
  • SNR: 80.9dB
  • THD: 0%
  • Input: 3.5mm Standard TRS
  • Output: 3 Pin XLR
  • Metal: CNC Aluminum
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