EDELKRONE stop motion module for HeadPLUS/HeadPLUS PRO


Call for price

HeadPLUS & Dragonframe software integration.
Best-selling, feature-packed SliderPLUS, Slide Module v2 and HeadPLUS motion control system can now be controlled with Dragonframe software through any PC (Windows/Linux) or Mac. Just connect HeadPLUS to your computer with the new edelkrone Stop Motion Module and you are all set!
Dragonframe is the animation software trusted by major motion picture studios and independent filmmakers alike. With its highly acclaimed features and intuitive graphical interface, you can easily program advanced camera moves, animate lighting, and even import & edit multiple audio tracks. Dragonframe is an animator’s dream come true. (Dragonframe software purchased separately at www.dragonframe.com)

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