Gigatronix murdumiskaitse RG59 tüüpi kaablile


0.25 0.30 (KM-ga)


Colour: Blue, Green or Red
Body Material: PVC

To Fit Cable Types RG59, URM70, LBC240
Suitable For 6.48mm Crimp Hex. Sizes

Tootekood: GGTR GSB-0059 Kategooria:



Coaxial Connectors: Standard - N Type and UHF Miniature - BNC, BNC RP, TNC, TNC RP, F Type, FME, Mini UHF, Type 43 Sub-Miniature - SMA, SMA RP, SMB, SMC Micro-Miniature - MCX, MMCX Ultra-Miniature - UFL, GSC Waterproof - BNC, TNC, SMA, N Type - to IP68 in an unmated condition Push-Pull Precision Latching Connectors: B Series Push-Pull Connectors; 00, 0B, 1B, 2B Plugs and Sockets The GTx B Series are all mechanically intermateable and electrically compatible with other industry standard Push-Pull latching connectors, including Lemo B series and ODU L series