IDX X3-Lite 35W LED valgusti (kasutatud)

80.00 96.00 (KM-ga)

-Lightweight and compact
-Features dimmer that dims from 0 – 100% of the light’s capability
-This device features a specifically designed lens holder that ensures consistent and uniform light dispersal
-The LED lamp efficiently outputs 35W of illumination while using only 11W of power
-Manufactured by IDX

The IDX X3-Lite is an on-camera daylight-balanced dimmer light; it uses an LED for illumination and draws a small amount of current to provide 35 watts of illumination.

Technical Specifications:

Lamp Type5600K LED (Light Emitting Diode)
35 watts of illumination
Mount TypeShoe Mount
Power Source12 – 14.4VDC
Power Consumption11W
Power ConnectorPower tap connector
Dimensions (W x D x H)Not specified by manufacturer
MassNot specified by manufacturer


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