KUPO C-26 Titanium Clamp with 16mm Baby Pin


66.58 79.90 (KM-ga)

Equipped with a 16mm baby spigot for most of TV/Studio luminaires, this clamp fits the tube with diameter up to 38mm-60mm. Short-handle tommy bar prevents the handle from getting stuck with luminaire while in operation. Made of iron casting. Sturdy and durable. Safety cable is supplied as standard part.


  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Safe Working Load: 100kg

*Note! When using c-clamps, care must be taken to not over-tighten the pipe bolt which affixes the clamp to the batten. If this bolt is over-tightened, it can easily dimple or “drill” into the batten, seriously compromising the strength of the batten. A finger tight plus half turn with the wrench is all that is required.

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