MAGEWELL Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2 – 11514


349.00 418.80 (KM-ga)

The Eco Capture Dual HDMI M.2 is a two-channel HDMI capture card with connection for a M.2 slot. This Eco card supports video capture for HDMI signals up to 2048 x 2160 per channel input with embedded audio, and high-frame rate capture up to 144fps. These cards (22x80mm) are designed for small and portable systems that do not have space for full-size PCIe slots.

The Magewell Eco Capture M.2 cards offer high-performance and powerful video capture solutions with low power consumption. The Magewell SDK enables developers to customize the Magewell APIs for lower-latency capture and synchronize channels across multi-channel or even multiple capture cards.

  • Two-channel 2K capture card
  • HDMI (2048 x 2160) x 2 + embedded audio x 2

Full specification sheet

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