NANLITE LG-E60 4 Light LED Studio kit


381.52 457.82 (KM-ga)

Complete kit containing 4 LG-E60 LED Strip Light, 2 lighting stands, 2 lamp holders and 2 AC adapters for connecting all light sources to mains power. A practical storage bag for the entire equipment is also included.

In the box:

  • LG-E60 × 4
  • Power Cable 3M × 2
  • 15V3A Power Adapter × 2
  • LG-T2 Bracket × 2
  • NG-L170 Light Stand × 2
  • Carrying Bag × 1
  • User Manual × 1
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Joinable Strip Light design
The joinable strip light design that for connecting two fixtures, equipped with the bracket to fit the 1/4″ mount of light stand. The overall structure of LG-E60 makes this fixture be more suitable and more flexible to meet the needs of the shooting scene.

Ultra Soft Lighting Output
1,243lux@1M (at 5600K)
Turn on and off with the power switch on the fixture, with the cable dimmer (optional) to achieve 0-100% dimming, providing natural and even lighting effect, to enable the lighting to be more refined and natural;

Excellent Color Rendering Performance

  • CRI:97,TLCI:98
  • TM-30 Rf: 93.5 TM-30 Rg: 101
  • LG-E60 is built with ultra high color rendering index, to restore more real color.

Lightweight and Portable, Two Power Supply Methods Available
The fixture weighs 0.65kg, easy to store and carry. Two splicing LG-E60 can be powered by the AC adapter for indoor shooting; also be powered by 18650 batteries for outdoor shooting, which greatly improves the flexibility of lighting setup.

Multi-light Kit Options
LG-E60 provides 1KIT and 4KIT options, meeting lighting requirements in different scenarios. In addition, in the 4KIT, two LG-E60s can be added on the top of the green screen background frame, which can provide rim light for the subject/object, offering a crisp outline for the subject/object in the post-production chroma key steps.