NISI varieeruva neutraalhallfiltri süsteem



This kit includes: 1pcs NiSi True Color VND 1-5 stops filter, 1pcs NiSi Filter Swift System ND16, 1pcs Front protection and a nice little bag to store your filters in. When used these filters together, you a 5-9 stops variable ND-filter.

  • NiSi True Color VND 1-5 stop filter can be used on lenses down to 16mm focal length (Full Frame) without vinjetting.
  • NiSi True Color VND 1-5 stop filter in combination with NiSi Swift system ND16 (4 stop) filter can be used on lenses down to 18mm focal length (Full Frame) without vignetting
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NISI FILTER ND-VARIO 1-5 Stops True Color is a variable neutral density filter that provides an exposure reduction of 1 to 5 EV.
The density, ND factor, is stepless controlled by turning the filter. The degree of density is easily controlled by rotating the front filter ring with or without the included silver lever, helping you predetermine the additional exposure length required. This filter has built in stops when turning to end positions, to make you know “where you are” during action use.

For easier, repeatable control over density settings, the front ring is visually marked with numbers representing the different stop values. The ring features silver side knurlings for a secure grip and easy installation and removal.
For those using this filter with cinema or video cameras, combined adjustments of aperture and this filter allow fine adjustments of the depth of field while retaining the designated frame rate.

Very useful for both photography and video, as you can adjust exactly the amount of light that enters the lens for each given scene.
In this way, larger apertures and/or longer shutter speeds can be used than would otherwise be possible under current lighting conditions.

An advanced nano coating is used to repel water, grease and dirt and makes the filter easier to clean.
A thin filter ring assures that there is no risk of vignetting when used on wide-angle lenses.
The filter ring is made from high-quality aluminum creating a very light and strong filter.

  • True Color result that avoids color shift seen in other Variable filters
  • No “X” Effect
  • An optional rotating lever that can be removed

NiSi Filter Swift System ND16 / 4 stops
Can be used with NiSi Swift system adapter ring to get 4 stops exposure reduce, or add on NiSi True Color VND 1-5 stops, to get 5-9 stops ND variations. Nano coating, waterproof and antireflective coating. NEW Multi-Ti Coating which makes it more resistant against scratches and better anti-glare.

This kit includes both a front protection and a nice little bag to store your filters in. Available in 67, 72, 77, 82 and 95mm size