SAMYANG AF 24-70mm objektiiv F/2.8 Sony FE


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The new 24-70 is adapted for many different types of situations with requirements for high image quality. It´s a versatile lens that works great for portraits, landscapes and lifestyle

Key specifications

  • Great image quality
  • f/2.8 thru entire zoom range
  • Weather sealed
  • Works great for both video and photo
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With Samyang’s linear STM (Stepping Motor) it satisfies both photographers and videographers by quieter and more accurate control of large and heavy focusing lens groups. It operates fast yet quietly and smoothly in video recording and provides cinematic transitions.

The Par-focal function maintains the focus on the subject when zooming in/out and minimizes focus breathing. The linear MF control provides convenience to video shooters by realizing the torque of the focus ring as closely as possible to that of a manual video lens when shooting video in manual mode.

Thanks to an advanced optical construction that consists of 17 elements in 14 groups (2 ASP, 1 H-ASP, 3 HR and 3 ED) the lens will provide a stunning image quality with great corner-to corner sharpness. The lens uses a large f/2.8 aperture to provide smooth background blur and effectively separates the subject and the background using a shallow depth of field to capture a unique image of an ultra-wide angle in which the background is compressed. The 9 blades create a smooth and natural bokeh.

The housing is made of lightweight aluminium and weight is 1027g without lens hood. Weather sealing protects the lens and ensures that you can use it even in harsh weather conditions. The focus ring has a micropattern texture to give the user a great grip and feels good to operate. On the side of the lens is a custom switch that lets the user adjust the aperture with the focus ring. Using the Lens Station, you can set different function to the switch (more functions will be added trough firmware update in the future).

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