SIRUI BCT-2203 statiiv (CF)


543.92 663.58 (KM-ga)

The BCT-2203 Professional 3-Section Carbon Fiber Video Tripod from Sirui features a 75mm bowl for compatible fluid heads and supports up to 22 lb loads. It offers a 17 to 63″ height range and comes with ground and mid-level spreaders, both of which are removable. The ground spreader has a rubber underside for safer and more secure placement on flat surfaces. When the ground spreader is removed, dual-spiked feet are revealed for use on soft ground.

The 10-layer carbon fiber tripod is designed with multi-tube legs for enhanced stability and reduced vibration. Each leg is adjustable individually and secured with oversized twist leg locks that are easy to handle.


  • 75mm bowl
  • Removable ground and mid-level spreaders included
  • Dual-spiked feet
  • Multi-tube legs
  • Oversized twist leg locks


  • Värv: Must
  • Jala läbimõõt: 22 cm
  • Pea ühenduskeere: Bowl 75mm
  • Jala lukustuse tüüp: Twist Lock
  • Jala sektsioone: 3
  • Materjal: Süsinikkiud
  • Statiivi jalgade otsad: Piigid, Kummist
  • Kaal: 3700 g
  • Pikkus kokku panduna: 750 cm
  • Max kõrgus: 1600 cm
  • Max jala kõrgus: 1600 cm
  • Max koormus: 10 kg
  • Min kõrgus: 435 cm
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