SIRUI Pro Video Tripod Rapid SVT-75 Pro


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Compared with traditional knob or flip leg lock setup tripods, SIRUI SVT75 is One-Step Height Adjustment design, which means that you can pull only one ergonomic flip on every leg to set up and lock the tripod. With these ergonomic flip located at the top of the tripod legs, makes it easily to adjust the tripod height.

All the legs of the tripod can be deployed simultaneously and can quickly adjust to the height that you need, depending on the ground’s surface – eliminating the need to bend over or manually adjust multiple brakes on each leg. Even with heavy equipment, this One-Step Height Adjustment design allows adjusting height up and down quickly and flexibly, which is suitable for quick moving shooting.

Ergonomic flip-lock design helps operate easily even with gloves. Strong locking force prevents the equipment from accidental falling.

This tripod is equipped with a 75mm bowl, and can be used with Sirui 75mm Half-Bowl Quick Release Handle (included in this Pro version) for fast and smooth adjust of horizontal use.

The diameter of each leg is 40mm. In addition, carbon fiber construction decreases the weight an at the same time increases the stability.
The maximum load is 25kg, making it possible to carry heavy equipment and shoot for longer time.

The mid-level spreader (included in this Pro version) can be added to help stabilize the entire support system. You can extend or retract the length of the spreader to help fine adjust the angle of the legs via twist-lockings.

Fixed leg angles: Each leg can be locked in one of the three positions (22°, 50° and 78°) via the semi-automatic knob.

The height of the tripod can be adjusted from as low as 21cm (without midspreader) to 153cm (without head).

The tripod has feet of “Dual spikes” which is compatible with SIRUI DT-06 Tripod Dolly or other universal accessories, and can be used also with including horseshoe feet, which works well on even ground and increases the stability of tripod.

This Pro-version also includes a very practical carrying handle, which can be mounted with a built-in 4mm Allen key, which also helps adjust tightness of quick release plate quickly.


  • Weight: 4300
  • Length (folded): 750
  • Max length: 1530
  • Min length: 210
  • Max foot length: 1530
  • Max weight (kg): 25

Package includes:

  • 1x Sirui Pro Video Tripod SVT75 Pro
  • 1x Sirui 75mm Half-Bowl Quick Release Handle
  • 1x Mid-level spreader
  • 1x Carrying handle
  • 1x Carrying Bag
  • 3x Rubber feet
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