SONY UWP-D kahe kanaliga raadiomikrofonide komplekt


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The SONY UWP-D dual-channel receiver and transmitter kit is ready to go on every camcorder or in any mobile application. With the SMAD-P3D adapter, you can use the MI-Shoe on Sony camcorders for transferring audio into the camcorder and energy from the camcorder – cable-free.

URX-P03D receiver:

  • 2 channel portable receiver
  • Digital Audio Processing for high-quality sound
  • External mic input for additional wired microphone
  • Wide frequency coverage with choice of channels available
  • Large display and small size receiver
  • Easy to use features

UTX-B40 transmitter:

  • Digital Audio Processing for high-quality sound
  • Light, compact design
  • NFC SYNC function for quick and easy secure channel setting (IR sync capability with URX-P03, URX-P03D, and URX-S03D receivers)
  • Auto gain mode volume control
  • +15 dB gain volume boost mode for off-mic audio
  • Line input
  • Transmitter frequency sent to receiver for matching multiple receivers to one transmitter
  • Variable muting function
  • Compatibility with Sony WL-800/UWP/UWP-D series
  • High visibility OLED display, ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  • USB connector for power supply
  • Includes ECM-V1BMP lavalier microphone (Omni-directional, electret condenser microphone supplied with a 3-pole locking mini plug)

SMAD-P3D MI Shoe adaptor:

  • No need for separate XLR cable
  • Power can be supplied by camera
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