STEINER Skyhawk 4.0 binoklid



If you spend a lot of time in the nature with activities such as hunting, fishing, photographing, canoeing or trekking in the mountains, then the Steiner SkyHawk 4.0 is the binocular for you.

This super rugged binocular has superb handling, fast focus system and sharp optics and come in four versions; 10×42, 8×42, 10×32 and 8×32. You can always find a suitable combination of magnification and brightness for your type of activity.

Tough, comfortable and lightweight: The outstanding ergonomics of the Steiner SkyHawk 4.0 is a result of the heavy duty non-slip rubber coating and well-made finger depressions that always provide an excellent grip, no matter what weather conditions you meet. The eyecups are made from soft skin-friendly silicone and designed to prevent light entering from the sides so that you will always have a crystal clear view through the binoculars. They can also be folded down for use with eye glasses.

Nitrogen filled optics that prevents fogging even when the temperature vary between the extremes (it’s specified to handle a range between -20° C to + 70° C) is another great feature that you will quickly appreciate.

Furthermore, the SkyHawks roof prism design also make it compact and lightweight, making it easy to fit in a backpack and an ideal companion for your journey to the wilderness!

And when the going gets tough – the SkyHawk 4.0 will rise up to the challenge. The housing is made from sturdy Makrolon and is waterproof down to 3 meters. The rubber armour is scratch and oil resistant and will take a lot of punishment before showing even the slightest sign of use.

Fast Focus System: Ever tried to follow a moving subject with a binocular? Then you know the importance of a fast focus system is. The SkyHawk 4.0 central focusing wheel requires minimal rotation to focus from close-up (2 meters) to infinity and you can even pre-set a distance that you want to be able to get back to as quickly as possible.

The 8×32 model is ideal for mobile bird-, and nature watchers who need the versatility of low weight, good magnification and a wide view. Also great for long-term observations.

The 8×42 version of the SkyHawk 4.0 is a versatile favourite with small format and low weight. Its benefits are a large field of view, excellent brightness and comfortable handling, making it a perfect choice for demanding users.

10x magnification for long distance observations, that reveals a fascinating wealth of details in a landscape. Good brightness and optical performance make this an excellent binocular for all-round use.

From close up to far away, the SkyHawk 4.0 with 10x magnification and 42 mm aperture delivers a bright, crisp image and is awesome for observing details at a long range, such as in wide-open country and hilly regions.

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