Based in Denmark, Bubblebee Industries has been Making Sound Sound Better since 2011, creating high quality microphone wind protection and sound accessories for the production sound, field recording, live, sports and broadcast sound industries. Sound recording often means capturing sound in very challenging environments, where trust in your equipment is paramount. Bubblebee’s mic windscreens are good looking, easy to use and technically second-to-none at retaining as much of the microphone’s natural sound as possible while effectively protecting your microphone from wind noise.

Bubblebee Industries’ founder Poul Mejer, a veteran sound mixer for TV productions all over the world, hails from windy Denmark. On creating the Bubblebee Windbubbles, he says, “It has always been my passion to produce, channel and enjoy the best possible sound. I had to make my own Windbubbles for lavalier mics, since the ones available on the market were not good enough, unattractive and a bit fiddly to use.”

Along with the Windbubbles, Bubblebee also makes other innovative accessories for sound recordists: from mounting solutions like The Invisible Lav Covers Fur Outdoor and The Lav Concealers, to some of the best shotgun wind protection in The Windbubble and The Spacer Bubble as well as the inimitable Cable Saver.

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