BUBBLEBEE The Windkiller shotgun mic wind protection


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The Windkiller is our long-haired and short-haired wind protector that fits shotgun microphones from Audio-Technica, Audix, DPA, JVC, Neumann, Røde, Sanken, Schoeps, Sennheiser, Sony and others.

The core of the Windkiller consists of high quality coarse foam with Bubblebee’s carefully chosen soft and fluffy imitation fur on top. This faux-fur is highly durable, works excellent to block the wind and is aesthetically pleasing for the eye.

On the bottom, The Windkiller is constructed with our specially designed rubber mount that grips unto your microphone while still making it perfectly easy to slide the Windkiller on and off. This creates a firm seal and allows for still air around the capsule to retain as much of the natural frequency response as possible.

* Made for your boom or camera microphone
* Handles medium to heavy wind (long-haired version)
* Handles medium to mild wind (short-haired version)
* Made from the best imitation fur (high amount of hair pieces per cm2) which allows for optimal wind protection versus frequency transparency.
* Specially designed rubber base for super easy and secure mounting.
* When wet, simply dry it up and shake the fur back into a perfect shape.
* Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

The Windkiller comes in five different sizes, from XS to XL, all with a rubber opening on the bottom that fits shotgun microphones with a diameter of 18-24 mm.

Our high performance inner foam and rubber mount of our Windkillers (both long and short-haired) are now available in two new sizes; XS and XL with a rubber opening in the bottom that fits microphones with a diameter of 23-26 mm.