edelkrone has announced the release of  edelkrone Link Adapter and edelkrone Link Hub with accompanying edelkrone Software Development Kit (SDK).

Below is the condensed information of these products, more detailed information can be found by clicking the included links.

edelkrone Link Adapter 

With the introduction of edelkrone Link Adapter, edelkrone motion control systems can now be controlled on a personal computer with the edelkrone Web App, produce superior stop motion animations with Dragonframe integration, and create custom integrations with edelkrone Software Development Kit.

Key Features of edelkrone Link Adapter: 

–  Dragonframe Software Integration – Dragonframe can program advanced camera moves, animate lighting, and even import and edit multiple audio tracks. When paired with edelkrone Link Adapter, Dragonframe can be used to hand-control the edelkrone motion control system, make physical focus adjustments with the knob located on edelkrone Link Adapter, and create repeatable camera motions with ultimate precision. (HeadPLUS v1/v2 required)

–  Mobile edelkrone App essentials on your personal computer – Access all the innovative and essential features of edelkrone App (iOS/Android) on your desktop or laptop computer with the edelkrone Link Adapter via edelkrone Web App.

–  Simultaneous control of multiple setups on a single computer – When multiple edelkrone Link Adapters are connected to the same computer, you can run a dedicated edelkrone Web App for each edelkrone Link Adapter side by side on a single screen. This allows you to operate several edelkrone motion control setups from a single control center and run an entire production by yourself effortlessly.

–  Intuitive pairing with the edelkrone ecosystem – edelkrone Link Adapter is compatible with edelkrone motion control systems released after November 18, 2018 and can connect to them wirelessly. edelkrone Web App runs on your computer without requiring an internet connection, so you can also work offline when needed.

edelkrone Software Development Kit (Beta Version)

edelkrone Software Development Kit is a highly requested application that runs in the background of your computer and translates API commands to the underlying hardware and vice versa. If your programming language or software environment can send and receive HTTP-based API commands, you can interface with your edelkrone motion control system(s) through edelkrone SDK using the edelkrone Link Adapter.

A link on the edelkrone website will provide a free download of the SDK software which comes with the necessary SDK documentation, the source code of edelkrone Web App, as well as Python-based example scripts (more examples of other platforms coming soon). This gives developers the opportunity to create their own third-party software to customize, innovate, and control their edelkrone equipment. The edelkrone SDK is currently in Beta stage, with plans to release the v1.0 soon that will add even finer levels of motion control support.

edelkrone Link Hub

edelkrone Link Hub offers even greater possibilities for a more streamlined production, especially in environments with unstable wireless connections due to signal interference. With edelkrone Link Hub, you can connect more than one compatible edelkrone motion control system to the edelkrone Link Adapter with the cables included. The low latency, deterministic connection removes any unwanted environmental wireless interference for an overall improved experience.