With live-streaming soaring, the class-leading Shogun 7 HDR monitor-recorder-switcher is in high demand. It’s easy-to-use live switching and multi-channel ISO recording function make it quick and easy to deploy into settings from houses of worship to colleges, to your own front room. You’ll be up and streaming without stress in no time at all.

Better still, each switch is recorded at the same time in a Final Cut Pro X XML metadata file, which can be imported into Apple Final Cut Pro X or other NLEs* immediately after the event and used to recreate the entire program complete with switches. Because this is metadata, you can even assign the transition type that Final Cut Pro X uses, choosing between a hard cut, or a cross fade with a specific duration.

The hardware setup is straightforward. SDI sources must all be set to the same frame rate and resolution up to 1080p60. The resulting program feed can be fed into a wide range of streaming devices – perfect for YouTube, Facebook and other popular social media. Thanks to its SDI output, it can also be fed directly into a broadcast system if required. The Shogun 7 can do all of this running off batteries if mains power is not available.
*may require third party software like XtoCC from Intelligent Assistance.

Shogun 7 switching explained

If you want to know more about how to set up switching and quad ISO recording in the Shogun 7 check out this useful video from Jem Schofield of the C47: