AMARAN F22 Bracket


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The amaran F22 Bracket is a newly designed folding X-frame that stretches the F22 into a rigid light panel. Featuring a knurled baby pin, the Bracket allow users to directly mount their F22 to a baby pin receiver, such as a gobo head, for a more stable light set up. Made to the dimensions of the F22, it provides users with a fast and simple set up and tear down process along with increased rigidity for their amaran F22 fixtures.

With a push-lock folding design, the new F22 Bracket offers a faster set up process compared to the original F22 bracket, which has a swing-out arm design that requires users to pull out locking pins to secure each arm in place. The updated F22 Bracket only needs users to fold the four support arms into their extended positions, then push each arm into their joints to lock them in place.

The F22 Bracket’s support rods each have a 2-stage spring-loaded design, which makes attaching these brackets to F22 fixtures straightforward and quick. Users can simply press opposite arms inward to slip the end hooks into the corner gromets of the fixture.

Additionally, the new F22 Bracket features features a far more rigid aluminum rod-style support frame compared to the flat support arms found on the original F22 bracket.

The new F22 Bracket comes with knurled baby pins, much like the original brackets. These knurled baby pins ensures baby pin receivers such as gobo heads can maintain a strong bite onto the baby pin.

Included in the box is a soft carrying case, making transportation and storage of the new F22 bracket convenient.


  • Reinforced Aluminum Bracket for amaran F22c or F22x Fixtures
  • Push-Lock Quick-Release Rod Design
  • Four 2-Stage Spring-Loaded Support Rods for Intuitive Set Up and Take Down
  • Rigid Folding Aluminum Construction
  • Knurled Baby Pin
  • Included Soft Carrying Bag
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