APUTURE Active USB Type-C to 5-Pin DMX In & Out Adapter


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  • Connect Wired DMX-Capable Aputure Lights to DMX Network in Series Via USB-C
  • USB-C Interface to Standard 5-Pin DMX In and Out Headers
  • Additional USB-C Port to Provide Power to Connected Fixture Gives Users Simultaneous Control and Charging Ability for selected models


  • Adapter length: 60cm
  • Weight: 127g
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The Aputure Active USB Type-C to 5-Pin DMX In & Out Adapter is a USB-C to standard 5-Pin DMX adapter that allows users to connect Aputure fixtures such as the INFINIBARs, MT Pro, and MC Pro in series to a DMX network. Featuring a built in DMX/RDM chip, this adapter ensures stable DMX/RDM wired control of fixtures. This adapter has a 3/8in Screw Thread with Arri Locating Pins on the rear panel to allow users to mount this adapter to the fixture itself or to additional off-fixture mounting points.