APUTURE MC Pro 8-Light Kit


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  • Includes 8 MC Pro 5W Output RGBWW Lensed Mini LED Panels
  • Stores and Charges 8 MC Pro Lights via AC or D-Tap Power
  • Drop-In Design to Charge Using Contact Pins Without Wires
  • 2X USB 5V/2A Charging Ports to Charge Up to 10 Fixtures Total
  • 8 Sets of MC Pro Magnetized Modifiers and 14 Mounting Accessories
  • 4X Brightness of Original MC: New Optical Design with Tighter 45o Beam Angle
  • Magnetic Accessory Mount: Flat Diffuser, Dome Diffuser, & 30o Honeycomb Grid
  • Lightweight & Pocketable Size (108 x 70 x 25mm / 247g)
  • IP65 Dust & Water-Resistant (Weatherproof)
  • Multiple Control Methods: Sidus Link Bluetooth App Control, DMX/RDM*, LumenRadio CRMX
  • 1,585 lux @ 0.5m (5,600K)
  • CRI: 96, TLCI: 96, TM-30 Rf (avg.): 94 TM-30 Rg (avg.): 103, SSI (D56): 72, SSI (Tungsten): 82
  • 2,000K to 10,000K CCT with Green-Magenta Adjustment
  • Built-In Lithium-polymer Battery (120 min. @ Max Power)
  • Fast Recharging (approx. 90 min.) via USB-C & Contact Pins
  • >90% of Colors Within Rec.2020 Color Space
  • Advanced HSI with White Point CCT Control
  • Industry-standard xy (CIE 1931), RGB, 300+ Gel Presets
  • 0-100% Stepless Brightness Control
  • Supports SidusPro® FX, Including Manual FX, System FX, Picker FX, Magic Program, and Music FX
  • Save Up to 10 Custom FX and 10 Music FX for Quick Access
  • 15 Built-In System FX : Fireworks, Fire, Paparazzi, Faulty Bulb, TV, Pulsing, Cop Car, Lightning, Party Lights, Welding, Color Chase, Candle, Strobe, Explosion, Club Lights
  • Mounting: 1⁄4-20in Screw Mount & Rear Neodymium Magnets
  • Mounting Accessories: 1⁄4-20in Articulating Arm to Clamp Adapters, 1⁄4-20in Screw to Baby Pin Adapters, 1⁄4-20in Cold Shoe Ball Heads with Magnetic Attachments, , 1⁄4-20in Screw to Magnetic Plate Adapter, Adhesive Magnetic Plates
  • Included Hard-Shell Charging Case
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