APUTURE Spotlight Max Lens KIT


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  • Projector Lens Modifier for High-Powered Bowens Mount LED Fixtures
  • 19° / 36° / 50° Lenses Available
  • Compatible with ETC Projection Lenses Via Separately, Available ETC Lens Adapter
  • Custom Precision Optics With Minimal Chromatic Aberration and Color Shift
  • Efficient Light-Blending Optical Design for Compatibility with Full-Color Fixtures
  • Telecentric Element Groups for Even Edge-to-Edge Light Distribution and Minimal Distortion of Illumination Circle
  • Spotlight Max Iris Separately Available for Fine Tune Control of Illumination Circle Size
  • Advanced Internal Matting Minimizes Light Leaks Within the Projector Barrel
  • Detachable Yoke for Ultimate Rigging Flexibility
  • Included Rotatable Gobo Clip Compatible with A and B-Size Gobos along with Rosco Metal and Glass Gobos
  • Rotatable Gobo Clip Allows for Easy Adjustment of Light Texture
  • Built-In 4-Leaf Cutter for Precise and Subtle Light Shaping
  • Durable All-Metal Build
  • Included Flight Case for Maximum Protection
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