A soft, durable piece of customisable faux-fur for microphone wind protection.

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The Piece-A-Fur is probably one of the most important additions to your sound recording bag. Our high quality imitation fur is thick, soft and durable, made for sound with a porous back material to allow sound frequencies through and dense, soft fur to deaden friction and reduce wind noise.

This combination of an open base material and dense, high-quality fur sets the Piece-A-Fur apart as a top-quality versatile material that can help improve your mounts and recordings greatly, helping you eliminate wind and friction noise to a high degree.

* Cut the Piece-A-Fur in to pieces as desired to make your own wind protection.
* Eliminate clothing / costume noise caused by friction by cutting and placing under or between the layers of fabric.
* Reduces friction noise remarkably when rubbed against clothing, hairy chests, skin etc.
* The base/backing material of the fur is specially selected to allow for better frequency transparency when used to protect the microphone capsule.
* The fur is specially selected for its high density to deaden friction/rubbing noise
* The Piece-A-Fur is less shiny or reflective than many other fur types to blend in better with skin, clothing or other surroundings.
* Soft, durable, comfortable and easy to work with. Can also be stitched into costumes to reduce noise caused by movement in tight areas of fabric.
* A wide range of colours to help the Piece-A-Fur blend in in almost any situation.
* Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

The Piece-A-Fur gives you the opportunity to play with a piece of our specially produced wind protection faux-fur yourself. It’s lush. You simply cut out the Piece-a-Fur in the desired size and shape and use it when mounting a microphone.

This might come in handy if you work with uneven or problematic surfaces like a hairy chest that creates friction noise when recording.

The Piece-a-Fur comes in the following six colours:
Grey, Black, Brown, White, Off-White and Beige and will partner up perfectly with our Invisible Lav Tape.