Chroma Key Tape 658, 50mm x 25m



Type 658 is made of a polyethylen-coated cloth tape. It is waterproof, sticks well on rough and irregular surfaces and it is easy to tear by hand. The tape has a good adhesion. The Gaffer Tape has a matt surface – so it is the solution for application problems whenever a non glossy and non reflective surface is of importance. You can remove it without any residue of many surfaces up to 14 days.

Chroma Key Tape is a high quality gaffer tape for special use in the show and film industry, for shooting with VFX effort. It is mainly used for fixing green and blue screens, as well as other chroma keying work.

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Technical Data
Backing: PE-coated cloth
Total thickness: 300 μ
Elongation at break: 11,5 %
Adhesion on steel: 3,2 N/cm
Tensile strength: 55 N/cm
Adhesive: natural rubber
Temperature resistance: up to 60 °C
Core diameter: 76 mm
Length: 25 m