KUPO KS-118BT Stand Hanger For Lightweight Stand


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Built with robust steel with a matte-black surface finish, the 118cm stand hangers offers a great storage and display solution for light stands. There are three dia. 8.5mm hole at 40.6mm intervals drilled for easily and firmly mounting to a wall or door rack. Extra dia. 10.5mm holes in each end are designed to connect with Kupo four way clamp (KCP-950) or 3 way clamp (KCP-930) and any tube size from 35 to 50mm for excellent storage or display solution. There’re four versions of stand hangers are available to meet the different professional requirements. Lumber size 2×2 or 2×4 is recommended to be mounted behind the hanger to keep your wall from scratches.


  • 118cm long stand hanger with 10 baby stud holders on the rack
  • Weight: 2.85kg
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