KUPO KSD-1680L Refillable Sand Bag (max 16kg)


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Sand bags are an indispensible safety measure on any set to ensure that stands don’t tip over or damage expensive equipment and cause injury, resulting in expensive downtime. Kupo sand bags feature a saddlebag design that is ideally suited to drape over stand legs and boom arms.

It ships empty so that you can fill it with your choice of material translating to much lower shipping costs. Made of sturdy 1000D Cordura Nylon for long life and thick plastic internal liner bags help keep dust in and water out. It also comes with a double Velcro design V no sand will leak out of the bags.

This sand back features a reinforced handle sewn into both sides of the bag using a box and cross pattern. Also, a fly away handle is equipped allowing you to drape over light stand legs. The loading weight is on the blue label for easy identification. This is a large bag with butterfly lift handles.

Large sandbags ensure that stands don’t tip over or damage expensive equipment with a butterfly lift handle to drape over lightstand leg
Plastic internal liner help keeps dust in and water out with a rubberized handle for better grip
Double Velcro ensures no sands leaking out of the bag – Made by 1000 Denier cortex textured nylon fabric
The loading weight is specified on the bag’s blue label for easy identification

Dimensions: 36cm x 28cm x 6cm, Max Load: 16kg.

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