NISI Cine Lens Athena Prime


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The NiSi Athena Cine Lenses, the ultimate set of prime lenses for cinematographers and videographers who demand uncompromising image quality and performance. Designed with the latest technology and featuring exceptional optics, these lenses are sure to elevate your filmmaking to new heights.

Featuring a range of focal lengths from 14mm ultra-wide angle to 85mm, covering super-wide angle to portrait focal lengths, the NiSi Athena Cine Lenses provide exceptional versatility, making them ideal for a wide range of shooting scenarios and allows you to capture a wide variety of subjects.

The lenses also boast a T-stop rating, which measures the actual amount of light transmission through the lens, ensuring consistent exposure across all focal lengths.
25/35/50/85mm all have a maximum aperture of T1.9, which makes it possible to get a soft bokeh for beautiful background separation. The 14mm lens have a T-stop of T2.4

They have an impressive image circle of 46mm, thus making them suitable for use with full-frame and even large-format sensors.

The whole series comes in ARRI PL, Canon RF or Sony E lens mount options, and offers Ultra-low chromatic aberration and micro-contrast control. It offers unparalleled image quality with finer image details.

The Athena Prime Lenses have been designed to minimize focus breathing. This means that, regardless of the focal length or aperture setting, the change in field of view when adjusting focus from the minimum focus distance to infinity is extremely small.

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A proprietary rear filtration system:
The Athena Prime lens series features a Drop-In filter mount, providing greater flexibility and creative control for filmmakers.
The RF- and E-mounts have a Drop-In filter option, while the PL-mount utilizes a rear filter. NiSi also provides a weather sealed for the Drop-In filter.
Note! It´s important to use the Drop-In clear filter on RF- & E-mounts and the rear filter on PL-mount with the lens, to achieve infinity focus and obtain clear images.

All NiSi Athena Prime lenses are similar in weight!
They do not require rebalancing on a gimbal when switching between Athena lenses. All lenses share the same and 77mm filter thread.
Both aperture and focus rings are matched across the range.

All NiSi Athena lenses also have a focus rotation of 300° and fluorescent focus scales, displayed in both imperial and metric units, for precise focus pulls. In addition to their impressive optical performance, the NiSi Athena Cine Lenses are also designed with convenience in mind. The lenses feature a standard 0.8 mod focus and iris gears, making them compatible with a wide range of follow focus and matte box systems.

NiSi 77mm close-up lens can be used to reduce the minimum of focus distance and create great macro effects (sold separately).