PMI Power Extension Cable


53.52 65.29 (incl. VAT)

The SmokeGENIE Extension Cable allows chamber to be activated in remote location. 60cm in length. Maximum of 3 cables can be connected with a total of 1.8m reach.

Modular design, up to 3 Cables can be connected with 1.8m reach.

The SmokeGENIE Extension Cable gives the ability of separating the Atomizing Smoke Chamber from the SmokeGENIE Machine by means of this extension cable. Run up to a maximum of 3 x 40cm Extension cables placing the Atomizing Smoke Chamber up to 1.2metres away from the machine. Great if you need to get a smoke generated in really small compartments or very tight spaces.

Safety Note: Extra Care MUST be taken when using this extension cable, as the Atomizing Smoke Chamber when used outside of the SmokeGENIE Machine Safety guard can cause burns if handled when fully heated up.