SARAMONIC SR-VWS Pro windscreen and suspension kit


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Professional Windshield and Suspension System for Shotgun Microphones.

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The Saramonic VWS is a blimp windshield and shock mount suspension system. It is designed to protect your shotgun microphone from wind noise, and isolate your recording from shock and vibration.

Key Features

  • High-wind protection for using shotgun microphones outdoors
  • Eliminates Vibration and handling noise
  • Furry windshield indluded
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors as shock mount
  • Fits most microphones (Length≤380mm, φ≈19~23mm)
  • Ultra-lightweight design and anti-skidding handle
  • Includes 1/4’’ tripod thread adapter
  • Internal Coiled XLR cable
  • Includes carrying pouch