ORCA OR-13 kaamerakott väliste taskutega


344.08 419.78 (KM-ga)

The Orca Bag OR-13 Shoulder Camera Bag Large has been created for professionals in video production who are looking for a better solution for their daily on-set needs. The bag features an external aluminum frame providing a high level of protection, internal honeycomb frame and multiple layers of foam and EVA material.


  • Padded shoulder strap for full comfort during extended carrying times and travel
  • 3 large capacity external pockets
  • Flexible and adjustable divider system, enabling personal customization
  • Internal bungee cords to secure loose or fragile gear inside the bag
  • Bag can be attached to the Orca Trolley system for easy transportation.
  • Internal LED light system
  • Internal orca blue mesh coating
  • Aluminum handle and external frame

Tehniline spetsifikatsioon

Kasutusalad: Video
Värv: Must
Välismõõtmed (PxLxK): 400x450x620
Kaal: 3800
Sügavus sees: 470
Pikkus sees: 270
Laius sees: 300
Tootekood: OR-13 Kategooria: